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Nanoband Wireless Bluetooth Headband


You’ll never be without your favorite music again! This soft headband is the perfect companion for the gym or even in bed at night. Fitting snugly over the ears, it’ll play your favorite songs via Bluetooth connection, while still making sure that you are comfortable to stretch or move as needed without dealing with troublesome cords or painful earbuds. You can even receive and enjoy phone calls with this on!

Why Do I Need this?

Too often headphones and earbuds break, fall out, get misplaced, or are just uncomfortable. With the lightweight Bluetooth Powered Music headband, it stays in place, easy to identify, comfortable, adjustable and reliable. No more having to adjust headphones for running or sleeping. By simply grabbing your phone and selecting a playlist, you are ready to go.


  • Headband offers you a comfortable way to listen to music when asleep or working out
  • Designed for your need in comfort with a unisex and versatile fit
  • Your new headband has a long battery life and has controls built in